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The Gift that keeps on giving….

December 24, 2010

i heard a comment the other day that really hit it’s mark with me.  the jist of this comment was “what’s been our focus this Christmas season if we feel that Christmas is over once the gifts are unwrapped and everything is put away?”

i’ve been pondering this a lot and i came to the realization that i have been dreading Christmas being over and done.  I’ve been sad at the thought of Christmas being over because it seemed like there’s nothing to look forward to.  in our family, with january comes tax season, long hours away from greg, extra work for me, and the second half of our school year looming ahead of us.

but if i really think about the true meaning of Christmas, i have no reason to dread the months ahead.  because if you really think about it, isn’t Christmas the gift that keeps on giving…all year long?

as a mommy, i have the glorious privilege of giving my kids a precious gift everyday—the gift of the gospel.  every training moment, every time of correction, every touch of affection is an opportunity for me to share the gift of God’s love with my babies.

i also have the awesome privilege of receiving God’s amazing gift of grace…every moment of everyday.  this grace isn’t just reserved for Christmas Day, it’s available all the time.

thinking about these things have given me a fresh vision for the weeks and months ahead, and i no longer dread January looming around the corner.  but rather, i am greatly anticipating celebrating Christ’s birth with my sweet family not just tonight and tomorrow, but all year long.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and i pray that in the coming year God will make you more aware of His  grace in your life and that your love for Him will show in everything you do.


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