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Wanting Approval….

December 10, 2010

i’ve noticed a pattern in my self lately of craving approval.  i’ve found myself craving it so much at times that it has begun to consume me.

it shows itself in different forms…..wanting approval from a friend, therefore feeling like i have to do things their way (even though that may not be God’s way) in order to make them happy with me (a.k.a. approve of me)

wanting approval from by kids, therefore not wanting to “rock the boat” by confronting issues of disobedience for fear they he/she won’t think i’m a good mommy (a.k.a. not approve of me)

wanting the approval of others by trying to lose even more weight so that i can fit into smaller clothes

all of these thoughts and more have been fighting for a place in my heart lately…and i’ve often let them win.

yesterday the Lord began showing me how all of these thoughts have been a desire for approval.  one by one, he revelaed every thought to me, and showed me how i’ve let these thoughts take the place in my heart that is only reserved for One….

the Lord helped me to see that i am not responsible for the happiness of others, but rather i am called to be faithful.  faithful to set my eyes on the One Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

faithful to measure myself by his standards and his alone.

for my quiet time this morning, i chose to listen to a couple of worship songs over and over, pulling biblical truths from them and applying them to this struggle.  i wanted to share with you some of the Truths that have brought me joy and hope this morning:

we’re heirs with Christ, the victory is won

what You complete is completely done.

You are my confidence and You will keep me to the end.

The old is gone, the new has come.

Christ has conquered ALL.

my future in Christ is clear, my sins have been paid in full

You are the King of the world and i can not escape Your love.



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