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a reminder to be faithful…

November 29, 2010

it’s funny how very different my plans for myself can be from God’s plans for me.  i think i have a perfectly planned out day and yet, many things happen to “rain on my parade”.

take this morning for example.  i had big plans of having a nice devotion time (which i did) and then i had planned to have some quiet, uninterrupted blogging time while the kids are still sleeping quietly in their beds.  i planned on having a good chunk of uninterrupted time, as i knew i’d be blogging before the kid’s normal wake up times.  note here that i said “I planned“.

God had other plans.  it started with boy #1 getting up to go potty.  no problem, he’ll just go back to bed when he’s done.  but then, boy #2 gets up.  his diaper had leaked, his p.j.s are wet, AND he doesn’t want to wear the one pair of pjs that are in his drawer because they’re itchy (first time i’ve been made aware of this).  after all of this, i know there’s NO WAY this one is going back to sleep.

inside, i am on the verge of grumbling and complaining.  i’m so close to saying, “why can’t I just do what I wanted to do this morning?  Is it to much to ask for just 15 minutes of time alone?  I mean, come on, you’re supposed to be sleeping!!”  as these thoughts ran through my mind and were trying to escape through my tightly closed lips, i heard him……

i heard his still small voice, gently reminding me that it’s not about me.  it’s not about having a perfectly laid out plan, or having a great time of no interruptions on the computer. 

it’s about being faithful.  faithful to the calling He has graciously placed on my life.  the calling to first of all, Love the Lord my God, with all of my heart, soul, and might.  the call to love and respect my husband.  and the call to train my children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, and to love them before myself.

i so often get these priorities mixed up, and sadly enough, put myself at the top of the equation.

but this morning, God sweetly reminds me that He calls me to be faithful…in everything.  he doesn’t call me to be perfect.  he doesn’t call me to produce perfectly behaved children.  he doesn’t call me to write up blog posts that will change the cyber world.

He calls me to be faithful.  He calls me to steward well what he has entrusted to me.

i am so thankful to have a loving Father who, when i get off track, gently guides me back to where i belong.  i am thankful that he doesn’t leave me to figure things out on my own.  His Word says that he has given me all that i need for life and godliness……

all i have to do is be faithful.

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