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Healthy Living during the Holidays….

November 19, 2010

interestingly enough, i came across a blog today that gave me one of those “AH -HA!” moments.  you see, i’ve been in a rut lately, at least for the past 2 weeks.  i had re-lost the 6 pounds i had regained and had been doing great with journaling what i ate and staying within my calorie range.

and then i slowly got off track.  i began just trying to keep track in my mind of what i was eating all day long, and though i did pretty well with that, by doing it that way, it was much easier for me to be careless with my eating habits.

you see, by not writing down every thing i ate, i wasn’t seeing with my own eyes what i was putting into my body, therefore, i wasn’t consistently eating healthy.  now don’t get me wrong, i certainly don’t think that everyone needs to track their food intake in order to be a healthy eater, BUT i know i do!  one thing that weight watchers has taught me is self-control and discipline in my eating.  and i need the accountability of that food journal.

so, as i read this blog today that was brand new to me, i was totally inspired by this gal (who amazingly enough has lost over 100 pounds!!) and was even a bit convicted of my laziness lately in my eating habits.  not only that, but i have been grumbling and complaining lately that “i need to get back to exercising” and “why won’t these abs tone up faster”and “why this?” and “why that”….but i haven’t been doing anything about it.  just complaining.

well, after reading this gals blog today, i have decided that it’s time for me to stop complaining and get back to doing what i need to do!  i need to stop whining about these abs and work on them.  i need to stop talking about my inconsistency in my eating habits and be consistent.

and most importantly, i need to allow God to be my Strength and my Fulfillment.  i need to remind myself that only God can fill the needs that i am trying to fill with food.

so, as the holidays approach, i am planning to keep up with eating within my calorie range.  even though it’s easy for me to just think, “Oh, it’s the holidays, i can have just one more…”. i don’t want to wake up on January 1st and realize that i gained 10 pounds just because i wanted one more! 

do you have any plans for how to eat healthy during the holidays?

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  1. Rebecca Brady permalink
    November 19, 2010 11:14 pm

    Hi Patty,
    I have been meditating on how I will handle the upcoming holiday feasts. I love food traditions we have for the holidays, like home-made pumpkin & apple pies for Thanksgiving. For Christmas decorating, we have hot cocoa & cookies (nearly all day long!) And then there are my Mom’s Rice Stuffing & my Grandma’s Italian Christmas cookies, as well as the Christmas treats I grew up with!

    Though I do plan to enjoy our feasts, I have already been telling myself that I can have those things as long as it is in MODERATION 🙂 I can “taste” it all (with small portions), I just don’t need to pile my plate with a mountain of food! I also plan to make a simple menu with fewer sides, rather than a multitude of complex dishes.

    Next, I am figuring out a plan to make workouts a reality (my kids & I just began a family Karate class!) Patty, Thank you for your encouraging and real blog! I feel like I can stay in touch with you as you share your heart 🙂 Enjoy your moderate Thanksgiving feast 🙂

    • November 20, 2010 12:17 pm

      thank you so much for your comment. your friendship is such a gift to me. i will think of you often over the holidays as i try to be good!! we love you guys…..


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