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He softly whispers……

November 8, 2010

sometimes i think it’s more than i can bear.  the weight of it all hangs on me like a heavy coat, pulling me closer and closer to the ground, until i’m sure i am going to fall.    the demands keep coming, all with voices of their own, screaming for my attention.  i don’t know if i’m coming or going and i feel like i’m spinning  in circles. 

sound familiar? 

somedays i wonder if the craziness will ever stop, if i will ever feel like i’m on top of things.  i wonder if there will ever be a day when not only do we get all of our school work done BUT we also get the laundry done as well.  i wonder if i will ever be consistent in training my kids, PLUS be consistent in taking care of my own needs.  i know there must be a fine balance somewhere, but i have yet to find it.

but it’s on those days- the days when i feel like i’m spinning out of control, and the chaos is like a loud pounding in my ears-when even in the midst of the noise, i hear Him.   he whispers softly to me, so soft that i have to be listening for his voice or else i might miss it…

it is then that He gently reminds me that i am his, and  that he sees the choas around me and yet, if i am willing to listen for His voice, He will speak to me.  that if i am willing to look, i will find him.  because he’s always there…i just have to remember to look…and listen.

Psalm 89:15-17

Blessed are the people …,
   who walk, O LORD, in(B) the light of your face,
16who exult in your(C) name all the day
   and in your righteousness are(D) exalted.
17For you are(E) the glory of their strength;

i am often guilty of “forgetting” that He is right here with me, walking beside me as i walk (or sometimes striving to  survive) through my day.  i muddle my way through the struggles, forgetting that when i am weak, He is strong. 

when i come to him, wether i bring my praise and my joy, OR wether i bring my dirt and my sadness, it’s a sacrifice to him. 

he. wants. all. of. me.

How i want to walk through my days in the light of  His glorious face, ever aware that He is not only with me, but that He goes before me, preparing the way……



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