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how exciting!!!!

October 25, 2010

for the past few weeks now, i have been sticking to my weight watcher’s POINTs in hopes of losing the 5 pounds that i gained back in august.  i wasn’t “obsessed” with losing the 5 pounds, i was only wanting to lose it so that i could be back to my healthy weight and fit better in my clothes…it’s amazing how 5 pounds can make such a difference in how things fit.

well, much to my delight, i not only lost the 5 pounds, BUT i actually lost 6 pounds!!!! 

so all last week, my pants were a bit loose and i had to constantly pull them up.  i told myself that there’s no way i could’ve gone down a whole pants size…or could i?????

well, i just happened to be at kohls today so i decided to try on a pair of levis (same style i always buy so that i’d know they were true to size) in a size down.  and guess what?????????  they fit!!!!!  i couldn’t believe it.  i checked the tag.  i checked the tag again.  sure enough, they were a size down from what i’ve been wearing for the past year!!  yippee!!!! 

my weight loss has been at a stand still for a few months now, so i’m not sure why i’m able to lose again now (probably those darned hormones again!) but i’m glad!  when i lost all that weight last fall, i still had 5 more pounds that i had wanted to lose, but couldn’t.  maybe, just maybe, i will be able to lose that now.

i do want to say however, that i am totally fine with where my weight is right now and i am not at all obsessed with losing more.  i am still choosing to eat healthy wether i lose the weight or not, because i find that when i’m eating within my POINTs (a.k.a calorie range) i feel so much better physically; probably because i’m making healthier food choices in order to stay within my POINTs.

i do need to get on the band wagon though and work on toning these still lax abs of mine that way this tummy with not be protruding anymore and i will finally have a strong core.  if any of you reading of this have found certain ab exercises to be helpful to you, i’d LOVE to hear about them!!!

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