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He always comes through….

October 15, 2010

you know, God never ceases to amaze me.  He always comes through….maybe not always in the I would expect it to happen, but he always comes through, without fail.

since our school year started in mid-september, i have been overwhelmed with the chaos and craziness of trying to accomplish school and still cook, clean, etc.   it would seem that the days that we actually accomplished our schoolwork, everything else went undone. 

and then there was the whole problem of trying to figure out how on earth i was going to manage teaching 4 kids…how on earth was i going to be able to help them when they all seemed to need help ALL AT THE SAME TIME??? 

as i pondered this and fretted over it, some wise counsel from a dear friend came back to me.  she told me to pray about those things that i just can’t seem to figure out…even if those things are just practical things, everyday life.  duh.  that had never really occurred to me before.  i hadn’t really thought of asking God for wisdom for the everyday things. i always tried figuring those things out all on my own.

so last week, i began praying and asking God to give me wisdom…to give me practical ideas and ways that i can effectively teach my kids, plus accomplish the many other tasks that this mommy of 5 has to do.  and do you know what He did?  he gave me ideas.  he filled my mind with ideas.  so much so that i had to start writing the ideas down so that i wouldn’t forget them.  he also used other people (without them even knowing it) to give me ideas.

so yesterday, i set off to starbucks where i had my hot tea and big cookie and i typed out a workable school/home schedule which allows for me to work with each child one on one for a short time each morning in order to get them started on their harder subjects.  it also allows for one on one time with my littlest guy before school starts, that way he won’t feel neglected by mommy while we work on school. 

one of my biggest challenges was figuring out how on earth to get the housecleaning and grocery shopping done.  another way the Lord chose to meet me.  he showed me that i could have the kids clean the house on friday mornings (no school for the littles on fridays) while i do some school planning, and then i can take one child with me and do the grocery shopping on friday afternoons while savannah does her schoolwork.  this way, not only does the shopping get done, but i also get one on one time with  a different child each week.

so get this….we –or should i say, the kids–cleaned the house this morning and they did a great job!!!!!!  and for the first time since our school year began, i am looking forward to our next school day because i’m not dreading the chaos of trying to figure out how i’m going to teach them.

so my main point?  we can trust God even with the small stuff.  he cares.

~now i just have to figure out how to fit potty training into our school days.  🙂

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