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grace extended…..

October 7, 2010

my husband had the opportunity to extend grace to me today.  and that he did. 

i was going through Mcdonalds drive-thru this morning as a favor to my sweet daughter who just had to have a frappe 🙂  and what i didn’t realize was that i had left the steering wheel turned way to much to the left when i had pulled up to the window.  so, as i began to pull away from the window, my heart sank when i heard that awful scraping sound.  i then realized what happened and quicky stopped and slowly straightened out the wheel..but not before the side mirror hit the side of the drive-thru window.  when it rains it pours. literally.

the nice man in the window then proceeds to tell me that the van doesn’t look bad, just a bit scratched up.  just not comforting words to the owner of a brand new van that we’ve only made 3 payments on.  not comforting to a woman who has to go home and call her husband and break the news.  but it was nice of him to try and comfort me; especially when he could see that i was close to tears.

the whole time we were out i was so sick to my stomach that i thought i was going to be sick.  i was torn between crying and wanting to just throw-up.  rather than cry my way through Target, i decided to pray. 

as soon as we got home, i called greg and calmly told him what happened.  and you know what he said?  he said, “it’s only a vehicle.”  he then went on to ask me how it happened, how it looks, and then told me again that “it’s only a vehicle.”

this, coming from a man who has been dealing with various financial struggles over the past few months and has been so tempted towards anxiety.  and, this coming from the man who was literally sick to his stomach over the fact that we had to buy a new van and have a car payment once again, when our budget wasn’t exactly “open” to that idea.  i can not tell you how thankful i was (and am) for his kind, loving response to me.  i was harder on myself than he was.

i don’t know how many times this man, who God has kindly given to me, has blown me away by his selfless acts of love towards me.  he has never ceased to forgive, love, and accept me.  i know i don’t deserve him, which makes me appreciate him even more.  🙂

“Thank you, God, for the gift of my amazing husband.  thank you that he completes me and that he loves me in ways i never thought a husband could.  thank you that he is my very best friend, my confidant, and my favorite person in the whole world.”

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