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new possibility….

September 30, 2010

i came across some new information this week that has changed my plan for the dairy elimination diet.  while i do know that i  am somewhat dairy intolerant and  am becoming moreso all the time, i do not however, think that i have reflux. 

the main reason i thought i had reflux was because of the constant hoarseness that i have, and i heard that reflux could be irritated by dairy.  on monday, i started thinking about it and decided to check into the possible side effects of the steroid nasal spray that i use…and have been using for a couple of years now.  sure enough, one of the main side effects is hoarseness.  not only that, but i found out that the nasal spray can also cause some other unpleasant side effects that can go unnoticed until it’s to late to do anything about it…sounds great, huh? 

i discussed all of this with greg, and we agreed that i should wean myself off of the steroid nasal spray and see what happens before i totally eliminate all dairy from my diet (even though i do plan to try and avoid it as much as possible…except for chocolate…and maybe a little bit of cheese…  🙂  )  i am relieved to put off the elimination diet for a bit while i wait and see how i do without the nasal spray.  i am praying that since i’ve been doing my allergy shots for almost a year now that maybe i won’t need the spray anymore and that i’ll do fine without it. 

i would love your prayers during this “test”…in the past, when i’ve even missed a day of my nasal spray, i’ve been so congested that i can’t breathe or sleep well and it’s been my main medication in treating my allergies.  after reading all of the “dangers” associated with the steroid nasal sprays, i’d like to be free of it permanently.

starting this past tuesday, i have only been doing the nasal spray every other day and so far, i’ve done well with that.  next week, i plan to cut the dosage in half and go a couple of days in between.

and as far as the seasonal clothing swap is going, i am basically done with going through the clothes and the bedrooms are starting to shape up (thanks to the kid’s hard work today!!).  now i’m washing all of the fall/winter clothes and i plan to let the kids put them away.  i’m so glad my wise hubby encouraged me to do that…..i knew there was a good reason why i married him.  🙂

not to mention the fact that he’s pretty hot…shhh..don’t tell him i said that!!   

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  1. Carolyn Johnson permalink
    September 30, 2010 5:48 pm


    This sounds very encouraging…I do think you are on the right track. But remember, the main issue with withdrawal from a steroid nasal spray is the congestion. It’s a good idea to wean yourself and not go cold turkey on that, but I would still expect you to have a day or two of unpleasant stuffiness at the end of the process. Good luck!

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