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respect: it’s not just for adults

September 24, 2010

i learned something new today.  respect isn’t just for adults.  it’s not just something we teach our kids to do.  it’s something we should be giving to our kids as well.

i realized today that i am always talking to my kids about respecting each other and about respecting their authority, yet i  have found myself negligent of respecting them…my own precious kids.

it’s easy for me to tell them what to do and to expect them to respect me by obeying immediately, without delay and without challenge.  yet, i had lost sight of the fact that they too have feelings and need respect from me.

this all hit home with me earlier today when i was battling with one of my kids.   i was trying to get them to see that they hadn’t obeyed me right away, yet i had failed to let them explain why.  i had assumed it was just willful disobedience, when it turns out that the child had a very good reason for not coming right away.

i spent a lot of time thinking about this this afternoon and the Lord showed me (through a sweet friend) that my kids need to feel respected just as much as i do.  it may look different for kids than it does adults, but it’s still respect.    these kids need to know that i care about their feelings and their thoughts and their ideas and that even if i don’t agree with them, i still respect them.

turns out to be another reminder that we can learn just as much from our kids as they are learning from us.  🙂

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