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August 31, 2010

i love to visit the site  today is ‘gratituesday” over on her site and she encouraged her readers to blog about what they’re thankful for.  the timing couldn’t be better, as i have been thinking a lot this morning about something in particular that i’m very thankful for.

through the current trial i have been walking through, the one thing that has stood out to me is the love and care i have received from the people in my life.  not a day has gone by when at least one person in my life hasn’t asked me how i’m doing with things. 

my sweet  husband has been a tremendous means of grace in my life and has not failed to care for me and faithfully walk through this with me.  he has given me space when i’ve needed space and he’s given me affection when all i’ve longed for is to be held.  he’s been willing to just listen even when i’ve felt like i haven’t made any sense.  he is such a precious gift from God and i don’t know where i’d be without him.

my church family has been another wonderful means of grace in my life.  people that i don’t even talk to on a regular basis have been going out of their way to ask about my dad and to ask me how i’m doing.  my pastors have gone out of their way to call me and to give me encouragement and have even taken the time to pray with me….many times.  my small group has been a tremendous support for me and they have helped me to see that it is ok for me to grieve and to struggle and that they are willing to carry this burden along with me.  i never thought it was possible to love a church family as much as i love mine.

and last but not least, some precious neighbors have gone above and beyond anything i could’ve imagined in the ways they’ve reached out to me.  they brought a meal to greg and the kids while i was in iowa with my dad and they even invited my kids over for a day so that savannah wouldn’t have to run the house alone those days while greg was working.  not only have these close friends gone out of their way to bless me, but my friend’s mom has reached out to me in unexpected and meaningful ways as well.

God is so good and so faithful and i just can’t get over the way he has blessed me with so many precious people in my life.

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