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August 10, 2010

greg and i are heading down to iowa….my dad was admitted to the hospital last night and was diagnosed with pnuemonia, which is dangerous for alzeimers patients.  they are having to keep him on oxygen to keep his levels up and he’s had a high fever.  my in-laws have been here visiting and have graciously offered to stay with the kids while greg and i go to iowa. 

i fear this may be the beginning of the end for my dad…..pnuemonia is a huge cause of death in alzhimers patients,  and i am thinking that if he comes thru this bout of pnuemonia that pnuemonia may become a chronic thing for him, especially with fall and winter coming.  the hospital’s main concern right now is the condition of my dad’s body due to the alzhimers.  they actually had to confirm his age with me because they assumed he was an old man, when in fact, he’s only 61.

i don’t know how i’m doing, to be honest…..i feel like i can’t form a thought right now.  it feels to much like it did 3 years ago when we  had to make an emergency trip to iowa, which resulted in us having to put dad in a nursing home.

the kids are taking this hard and last night was awful…..they were sobbing and really having a hard time with it.  it was hard for us to make the decision to leave them here, as some of them really wanted to go with.  however, considering all the factor’s involved, greg and i both felt it was best for just the two of us to go.  i am so thankful for my wonderful in-laws, who so graciously offered to stay a few extra days to help with the kids.

we will be leaving around 10:30 this morning and plan to come back tomorrow night, as long as dad’s condition doesn’t get worse.

i probably haven’t made a whole lot of sense here, as i said, my mind isn’t working to great right now.

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