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addicted to God….

August 6, 2010

i was listening to a message my John Piper this morning called Spiritual Depression and was struck by the new things i learned regarding Psalm 42. The Psalmist was going through some significant trials and was desperate for God’s help. Piper’s ended his message with this point:

“The psalmist is not pleading for relief  from his circumstances…..first, he tells God, ‘I want You more than anything.’  It means being weaned from our comfort and being addicted to God.”

That point just blew my away.  i don’t know how many times i’ve pleaded with God to give me relief from my circumstances, no matter how big or small they may be.  i’ve complained about my discomfort, wether it’s just me being tired or me just not wanting to do what needs to be done, yet i’ve made it out to be something major.

but this morning, after listening to this message, i realized that in my heart, i want to want and need God more than anything….more than my own desires, more than my own comfort, more than my own EASE.  i also realized that God used this message and the recent messages from our church to awaken my heart to my desperate need for my Savior.  i don’t just need him when i’m at church on Sundays; i need him every moment of every single day….i need him more than the air i breathe….

though i desperately need him, am i desperately wanting him?  am i longing for him as a deer longs for water; water that it desperately needs to survive?

Lord, remind me daily, minute by minute of my desperate need for you.  turn that need into a want, so that i would long for you.  help me to be weaned from my “comfort” and my desires and be totally addicted to You.  I take joy in knowing that you delight in granting such a request.

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