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July 19, 2010

God has graciously been opening my eyes lately to some areas that i need to work on….one of those areas being in my relationships with my kids.  as i was re-listening to a parenting seminar given by Tedd Tripp, i was struck by  his comment that we need to delight in understanding our kids.  hmmm…..i really had to ponder that for a while and was sad to realize that most of the time, i don’t delight in understanding my kids.  often times i am telling them what to do and correcting them when they do wrong and totally forgetting to try and see things from their point of view….to delight in understanding them.  Tedd Tripp makes it clear that we aren’t to overlook our kid’s disobedience or neglect to correct them when they need it; however, if we treat them like we’re the ultimate authority and that their feelings aren’t important, they will never trust us.  he went on to say that parenting isn’t just about training our kids and getting them to “behave”, it’s more so about nourishing our kids.  about giving them pleasant words, rather than sharp, angry words.  just like we feed them food to nourish their little bodies, we need to be giving them pleasant, loving words to nourish their little hearts.  right about the time that i started feeling like the world’s worst mom, tedd goes on to say that speaking to our kids with pleasant words doesn’t come natural; it comes from being on our knees and asking God to purify our hearts and to give us joy in understanding and nourishing our kids.

this whole message from tedd tripp was amazing and God used it to make me more aware of my need for Him in my parenting. 

there’s a song i love by a group called 33 Miles

and the song is called One Life to Love.  this song really puts life into perspective.  the chorus goes like this:

You only get just one time around, you only get one shot at this

One chance to find out the one thing that you don’t wanna miss

One day when it’s all said and done I hope you see that it was enough

This one ride, one try, one life to love.

I just see this song as such a sweet reminder that we only have our babies for a short time and before we know it they’re off on their own.  we really do only get one shot at this life, at parenting our kids.  more than anything, i want my one shot to be God-honoring and to be something sweet that my kids will always remember and be thankful for.

i just want to add that i am so thankful that when i mess up (over, and over, and over…) i have the cross to be thankful for and that when God looks at me, he sees his Son’s finished work rather than my mistakes.  🙂

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