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July 15, 2010

i have a sweet friend who is out of town for the month and i am watering herplants for her while she’s gone.  she has offered me free use of her home for any school planning that i need to do…quietly and without interruption.  now tell me, who can pass that up????

i have designated tomorrow as my first day of planning for the upcoming school year, and i’m looking forward to it.  in all honesty, i think i may be more excited about the idea of a day to myself, but my family will benefit from it as well.  🙂

i would really love your prayers as i do my planning for the upcoming school year.  God has really been dealing with my heart lately and causing me to really think about my role and responsibility as a mommy.  it seems like every school year i am all fired up and then once the school year starts, i lose my focus.  i quicky find myself more focused on school rather than on why i am home schooling.  God has been redirecting my thinking and my focus this summer and has given me such a passion to train my kids in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.  to talk about Hm when we rise, when we eat, when we work, etc….   i hate that i can quickly lose that focus once the school year gets going, but i always do.  but this summer has been different.  God has not just given me a passion for my kids, he also given me a burden for them.  he’s helped me to see them as sinners who need the same Savior i need, day in and day out. 

consistency has never been a strong point for me, so i am definitely a work in progress as i strive to make changes in the way i parent my kids.  thankfully, God has placed many godly women in my life who have been pouring wisdom into me(without even knowing it) and a godly husband who shares my vision.

so, as i prepare for the upcoming school year, my prayer request would be that God would give me wisdom and direction and that he would clearly show me how i can best plan my day so that His Word and training my kids are my first priorities. more than anything else, i want to raise my kids to know of this wonderful Jesus who saved their mommy and daddy from their own sinfulness and opened our eyes to the gospel.  and i want that to not only be evident in my words, but also in my parenting.

if you are reading this and you have any words of wisdom to share with me, i’d love to hear from you.

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