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sweet sacrifices……

July 13, 2010

lazy summer day

this past weekend i gave my husband a very special gift.  something that he has been wanting for a LONG time.  something that he has never pushed me about, yet i knew how badly he wanted it.

i agreed to go camping with him and the kids. as a matter of fact, it was my idea to go.  our care group planned a camping trip and i knew greg wasn’t even going to suggest to me that we go, because he knew how much i hated the thought of camping…..until this weekend.

we had the most wonderful time just hanging out with our good friends and watching the kids play and swim.  hanging out around the fire was so relaxing and refreshing and the fellowship was just sweet.  to be honest, i loved every minute of it.

the thing i loved most about the whole weekend was the joy on my husbands face everytime we looked at each other.  he was so happy that i had agreed to go camping with him, especially since he’s been trying to get me to go for a few years now.  i knew it would mean a lot to him, but i didn’t realize how much until we were there and he refused to let me do anything but sit and enjoy myself.  he prepared and cleaned up  all the meals, he put the kids to bed, and he took the boys fishing early one morning, allowing me time to sleep in.

on the way home he thanked me for going camping with him and he told me how much it meant to him.  he even bought me a frappe on the way home and picked up pizza for dinner that night so i wouldn’t have to cook!!

even though i enjoyed the special treatment he gave me all weekend, what stood out to me the most was the work God did in my heart.  God used this weekend to show me how very sweet it can be when i set aside my own wants and desires and put others first….especially my sweet husband.  what i did this weekend was show my husband that i loved him enough to do something for him that was outside my comfort zone….and i ended up being blessed just as much as greg did. 

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