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crazy week…..

June 19, 2010

it’s been a crazy week around here, starting with last friday.  greg happened to be outside having his devotions when he heard the sump pump go off and he realized it didn’t sound quite right.  he decides to take the day off work, calls a plumber, finds out that the pump isn’t working right and hasn’t been for quite some time….$800 later, we have a new (and expensive) working sump pump.  worked out well, beings how it’s rained a TON since then.  i am so grateful to God for allowing greg to hear the pump that morning, otherwise we could’ve ended up w/a flooded basment. 

while greg was at home wating for the plumber to replace the pump, i decided to run some errands in preparation of of our trip to Iowa the next day.  i pull up in front of panera (where i was buying asiago cheese bread to take to my cousin) and steam starts pouring out from under the hood of my van.  thankfully, greg was home and was able to come get me……$500 later, we have all new radiator hoses in our van.  again, i was thankful that greg was home, otherwise he would’ve had an hour drive from work in order to come get me and have the van fixed. friday was an expensive day.  😦

so, saturday morning, we’re off to iowa to visit my mom and dad, and we plan to stop in bushnell, il, and have lunch with my cousin and his wife.  we stop twice on the way, get hit with 2 rainstorms, and then safely pull into my cousins driveway…ahhhh….

we visit with my cousin for a few minutes before getting back in the van to head over to the restaurant for lunch….and the van won’t start.  i’m NOT kidding.  my cousin happens to know everyone in their small town, so he hooks us up woth a mechanic who diagnoses the problem….the fuel pump, which is an $800 repair.  ouch.   after much discussion, greg and i decide that it’s time to look at a new van.  we’ve put so much money into this van(even after buying it new 8 years ago) and we just didn’t have a peace about pouring more money into it.  my cousin then hooks us up with a car dealer who he has known since he was a kid and by the next afternoon, we have a brand new 2011 toyota sienna.  we were torn between the one we got and a used 2009 sienna, but believe it or not, we got a better interest rate on the new one, so we went with that one.  it’s a beautiful van and it runs so smooth that i have to check to speedometer alot…i’m usually WAY over the speed limit w/o even realizing it.  we had absolutely NO intention of buying a new van on our trip to Iowa, but obviously God had other plans.  we also didn’t plan to have a new car payment right now, but we know that God will provide and will give us the wisdom we need to change around our budget.

it was a LONG, hard weekend.  along with the stress of the van breaking down, i also struggled with seeing my dad.  no matter how hard i try, i just can’t get used to seeing him this way.  he’s only 61, yet he looks like he’s 90.  i know he’s still my dad, but it’s just heartbreaking to accept the changes in him.  it’s all i can do to hold it together while i’m there, and then it takes a few days of being home before it all starts to catch up w/me.  today was that day.  i just feel sad and heavy hearted.  i feel the familiar grief that i experience everytime i see my dad.  it’s almost like i mourn a death.  he’s still living, but so much of him is gone now.  i go there expecting to handle it differently, but it never happens.  i think maybe i need to expect that it will be this way and to just be prepared.  but no matter what i do, it’s still heart wrenching and i’d do anything to have him back.  i’m thankful that i can still see him and hold his hand, yet i miss him like he’s already gone.

though i miss him, i am also able to be thankful to God for gift of my dad.  my dad prayed for me for years and years and never gave up on me when i was living a life of rebellion.  he was a strong man of God and was and is someone who i deeply love and admire.

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  1. elisabeth permalink
    June 19, 2010 7:48 pm

    I’m sorry I forgot to ask on Thursday how you were doing after seeing your dad. I am praying for you, that the Lord will give you joy in the midst of your grief as he reminds you that this is just a momentary affliction in light of the eternity that your dad will spend with the Lord. Some day we will all be together in heaven in our perfect bodies, and you will be able to rejoice with him as you both worship your Savior.

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