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be filled……

May 5, 2010

during my time with the Lord this morning, i was reading out of A Gospel Primer. the topic was Mortifying the flesh with fullness.  i was very encouraged as i read this, as it was filled with so much Truth and was exactly what i needed to hear today.

this part in particular stood out to me:the key to mortifying fleshly lusts is to eliminate the emptiness within me and replace it with fullness; and i accomplish this by feasting on the gospel.  indeed, it is in the gospel that i experience a God who glorifies Himself by filling me with His fullness….this is the God of the gospel, a God who is satisfied with nothing less than my experience of fullness in Him!

this section goes on to say that when we feast on Christ and all of his blessing found in the gospel, our hunger for sin diminishes and the lies of lust simply lose their appeal.

this is how the section ends:  preaching the gospel to myself each day keeps before me the startling advocacy of God for my fullness, and it also serves as a means by which i feast anew on the fullness of provision that God has given to me in Christ.

this reading really hit home with me because each morning, it is so easy to focus on what my day holds, rather than marveling in what Christ has done for me.  it’s so easy to give in to the temptations around me, when really, if i go to the cross and allow Him to fill me with his living water, i won’t thirst any longer…..i will be more aware of his presence throughout my day because i won’t be drinking water from cisterns with holes…also known as things that don’t satisfy.

how reassuring it is to know that He delights in filling me and that i am never a burden to him. he is mighty to save and longs to fill me every moment of everyday.

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