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TAX DAY!!!!!!!

April 15, 2010

while most people dread april 15th, we celebrate it at our house!!!! 

today is the day that my kids get their awesome daddy back….they will get to wrestle with him every night when he gets home and they won’t have to wait until bedtime to see him! 

they will get to see him most mornings when they wake up, instead of assuming he’s already at work.

today I get back the love of my life, my best friend, my greatest confidant, the person i love being with more than anyone else in the world….my husband.

while i’ve missed him SO MUCH this tax season, i am very grateful to God for the gift of this amazing man who has worked so hard this tax season to provide for our family.   i am thankful for this man, who even though it wasn’t always easy, chose to honor God with his choices at work…even when others didn’t agree with his choices.

i am thankful to have a husband who was willing to agree to my survival plan a couple of years back so that we could see each other throughout tax season, and not just be like ships passing in the night.

he’s amazing, this husband of mine.  he’s a gift from God, a blessing that i am so unworthy of, yet very, very thankful for.


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