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there is no greater joy…..

April 12, 2010

we had the awesome privilege of seeing our oldest daughter baptized last night.  it was an amazing night as we recounted the many ways God has transformed savannah’s heart this past year.

in the past year, God has totally opened savannah’s eyes and heart to the Truth of the gospel and has helped her to “own” her faith.  she now has a deep love for her Savior and she longs to share the gospel with the lost and hurting of our world.

greg, kaitlin, and i all publicly shared a word of encouragement with savannah before she was baptized.  i cried through my whole “speech” because i was just overwhelmed as i shared the evidences of grace that i saw in her life this past year.  and i was so filled with gratitude for the One who made these amazing changes in my sweet daughter.

once i was done speaking, Kaitlin boldly took the mic from me and read her words of encouragement to savannah….another sweet gift to behold: my 2nd daughter speaking words of love and admiration to her older sister…in front of the whole church.  and this was no small task for my sweet kaitlin who has always struggled with being shy and not wanting to draw attention to herself.

then it was greg’s turn…..he starts out telling savannah that this is the proudest day of his life…i lost it…again.  he goes on to say how very grateful he is to God for allowing him to be savannah’s dad…i lost it again, as did the rest of the congregation.  you see, most of them knew that i was a single mom with savannah when greg and i met and that it actually WAS a choice for greg to be her daddy…he chose her.  i hope he knows what a tremendous gift he has been to her…and me.

it was just a beautiful, beautiful experience, one that i will never forget.

some days i think i’m failing my kids and that my efforts to “train them up in the ways of the Lord” are just in vain…..but God, in his kindness, uses the weak to do great things. i am so thankful that he has used this imperfect mommy and  daddy to reach the heart of our sweet savannah. 

there truly is no greater joy than to see your children walking in the Truth.

Praise be to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. your daughter permalink
    May 22, 2010 11:29 am

    i totally agree!:) But mom, the part i agree with most is about how God used you and dad to reach my heart. without your faithful diligence, love, and support i would not be where i am today in my faith.not only have i been taught about God, but His love has been revealed to me through you. so not only have i come to love owning my Savior, i love owning you as my parents. thank you, i love you.~savannah rose

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