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sticking to my own flavor…..

March 30, 2010

just this morning, i was discouraged because i realized i had been trying to do “school” in a way that i knew worked for friends of mine, however, this way was NOT working for my family.  i was so upset at myself because i couldn’t make it work the way i thought it needed to.

my sweet husband happened to call around that time and reminded me that God made me to be the perfect mommy and teacher for my kids and that i needed to teach them the way God designed me to and NOT the way he designed someone else to.

not long after that call from my hubby, i then received a call from a sweet friend who also reaffirmed my God-given role as the mommy and teacher of these precious babies.  when i explained to her my frustrations and my feeling of being a failure, she asked me what wasn’t working.  i then went on to explain what i had been trying to do and she laughed and asked me why on earth i was trying to do it “that way”.  i went on to tell her that i knew of some moms who did their school that way so i figured i should do it that way to.  she very sweetly told me that there was no way she could do it that way and that i shouldn’t be trying to do it that way either, unless God had made it very clear that i was to do so.

i can’t believe how many times God has prompted the right person to call me….just when i need it.

i was reminded of something that i heard at a homeschool conference a few years ago.  the speaker said that God gave each family a flavor (just like ice cream comes in many flavors) and that we should never try to be somebody else’s flavor, because it won’t work.  not only that, but when we try to be somebody that we’re not, we’re not honoring God and living the life he has given us. 

while i know that i’m far from the perfect mommy that i’d like to be, i’m happy to know that God loves me just as i am….and that he designed me this way.



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