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God’s after my heart……

March 28, 2010

i’ve been thinking a lot lately about how often  i complain about this busy season of parenting i’m in, and i’ve come to the conclusion that the main reason i’m complaining is because i want ease….i don’t want to have to deal with the same disobedience issue for what seems like the 50th time that morning (and these days that is often before 6:30 a.m.), because it is uncomfortable for me.

as i’ve grumbled my way through this past week, God has been sweetly, yet firmly reminding me of my high calling as a mommy.  it’s a 24-hour a day job, with no vacations, no pay, no exceptions.  it’s a calling that is tiring, busy, and ….selfless.

that word, selfless is hard for me.  it often gets in the way in my parenting, because i so often lose sight of my role as a mommy.  without realizing it, i can expect my kids to make my life easier….to be perfectly behaved so that i don’t have to be uncomfortable.

however, as God has been reminding me of my role as a mommy this week, he has also helped me to see something very important:  when i am training and correcting my kids, God is not just after my kids’ hearts at that time, he’s also after mine.  he’s using the disobedience  of my kid’s to teach me patience as i deal with possibly the same issue over and over and over…..he’s using their bickering to teach me how to be a peacemaker. he’s using their selfishness to teach me how to be selfless.

he has sweetly reminded me this week that i need to die to myself daily in order to fully love my kids.  that when i take the time to stop what i’m doing in order to deal with the heart issues of my kids, i am showing them love……i am loving them enough to teach them that God’s ways are better and wiser than our ways.  

once again, i’m reminded that God didn’t give me these precious kids and expect me to raise them in my own strength…..he promises that “he will never leave me or forsake me”  and that “his power is made perfect in my weakness”. 

God knows my heart and he knows my desire to raise my kids knowing of the Father’s love; therefore, i have the Hope and the assurance that he will give me the strength i need…daily….to care for these precious gems.

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