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oh to be a perfect parent…..

March 26, 2010

it’s been one of those days around here…….one of those days when i am tempted to question wether or not God should really trust me to raise these babies the way He wants me to.  i mean, after all, i fail ALL THE TIME. 

i yell.  i repeat myself…over and over and over.  i grumble, thinking that i have the “right” to do so.  i catch myself thinking that i “deserve” my children’s respect and obedience.

but then every once and a while, i “hear” myself as i respond to one of my kids and i’m schocked by the tone i just used with them.  i mean, how can i teach them to be kind to their siblings when i am correcting them harshly?  what does that teach them?  certainly not that a kind answer turns away anger. 

i find myself needing to re-memorize romans 15:1 ~  we who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves…..

basically, when i’m thinking that i deserve their obedience, i’m looking out for my own pleasure and EASE.  i’m forgetting about the real Reason why they should obey me…..because God commands it.  their obedience isn’t for my glory, but for God’s.  He’s the only one Who is worthy of our obedience.

i’m so thankful that my children are quick to forgive me when i mess up and speak harshly to them.  it’s almost sad to me how much easier it is for them to see past failures and flaws than it is for me.  it’s amazing how much we really can learn from our children if we really listen.  🙂

i am so thankful that my children’s salvation doesn’t depend on me being a perfect mommy……..

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