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another gift from God….

March 24, 2010

my favorite past time

i was thinking today of another precious gift from God….my husband.

when we met we were both not expecting to be anything but friends.  neither one of us were looking for a relationship; quite frankly, that’s the last thing we were looking for.

he loved savannah from the very beginning, playing with her and teasing her everytime he saw her and i at church.  she often called him “greggy” and talked about him all the time.

we quickly became the best of friends and we never ran out of things to talk about.  i shared my past with him, the failures, the hurts, and the good times too.  he patiently listened, never judging me or looking like he wanted to run away and never turn back.  and best of all, he never expected anything from me, other than friendship…..pure and beautiful.

after months of friendship the attraction began…..we tried to deny it at first, but when God wants something done, it gets done!  finally, after his tax season was over that spring of 1997, he asked me out…on a date…alone.  i had never been so excited about anything in my life.

the date was sweet, fun, and exciting all wrapped up in one.  we talked non-stop and by the end of our date i knew one thing for certain…..i was in love.  it wasn’t the dirty kind of love that leaves you wondering if he’ll really call the next morning, and that leaves you with regrets.  it was innocent, beautiful and totally ordained by God.  for the first time in either of our lives, we were feeling something that neither of us had tried to “make” happen.

we began to talk on the phone for hours at a time, often late into the night, never running out of things to say.  our dates were often a threesome, as he had made it very clear that savannah was a part of me that he wanted to share in…and he did. 

5 months to the date of our first date, he left me speechless for probably the first time in my life….he said “i love you”.  it wasn’t the quick “i love you” that’s so easily tossed around and said as easy as saying hi…, it was the real thing, said with a sweetness that left me literally speechless.

9 months later, on my dad’s birthday, greg proposed to me…it was the most beautiful experience of my life. 

the months leading up to our wedding went by in a blur (we were only engaged for 5 months) yet every minute was precious and exciting.

i can still remember walking down the isle on our wedding day and watching his eyes never leave my face.  his whole face was lit up and he couldn’t quit smiling.  i remember hanging on to my dad’s arm, thankful that i had him to hang onto, yet anxious to get to the front, where my sweet dad would give my hand over to greg. 

i just want to add that i am so thankful that my dad was healthy then, not struggling with alzheimers, so that he could enjoy my wedding day…he had prayed faithfully for my future husband and had prayed away many a wrong suitor.  🙂   Dad loved greg like a son and he was overjoyed to be giving his daughter over to such a wonderful man.  i’m so thankful for the relationship that greg and dad had for those years before the alzheimers set in.

when the pastor said, “you may kiss the bride”, ohhhh did greg kiss his bride!  i thought he was going to suck my lips off before it was over with…..i loved it, of course. 

it’s hard to believe that i’ve  known this man for over 13 years, and have been married to him for almost 12….we’ve definitely walked through seasons of joy and seasons of pain, but through it all, our love has held strong. 

i’m so thankful to God for the gift of this man whom i have the distinct privilege of being married to….of living life with, day in and day out.  he is way better than anyone i could’ve dreamed up in my own, and as usual, by bringing greg into my life, God showed me that His ways are better than mine.



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