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children are a gift from God……

March 22, 2010

i never imagined myself having 5 kids.  i always pictured myself with 2 kids, one boy and one girl.  then i married greg and we decided that 3 would be a good number.  i was feeling pretty “content” after my sweet third was born, and figured we were “done”.

it was quite surprising when, 2 years later, i became pregnant with number 4…our sweet curly girl, Gabrielle.  i fell in love with her the minute she was born, already with sweet little curls on top of her head. 

i shouldn’t have been surprised when 9 months later i found out i was pregnant with number 5, right?  surely there had to be some other logical reason for why i was gagging everytime i smelled something.  🙂

it’s been overwhelming at times, having a large family, but i can honestly say that i wouldn’t want it any other way.  i love watching my kids play together and watching them care for one another when one of them gets hurt.  i love the fact that they have “instant” playmates and enjoy being with each other(most of the time anyway). 

i look at them and am so thankful that God’s ways are far better than mine and that he knows what’s better for me than i do.  my way would’ve been to have 3 kids and be done……God’s way was to give me not only 3 precious gifts, but 5.  i can’t imagine my life without any one of my sweet babies and even more so, i can’t imagine my life without the love of my sweet heavenly Father who delights in blessing me with every good thing…..


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