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size 10 never looked so good….:)

March 17, 2010

i couldn’t believe it.  i actually had to check the size a couple of times to be sure.  then i let out a giggle and checked out the size tag…again.  yep…it said size 10.  not only that, but the word Maternity was nowhere to be found on the tag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for the first time in 4 years, i was able to buy a pair of jeans that weren’t maternity and weren’t 2 sizes to big in order to accomodate my tummy!!!!!!!  not only that, but i was able to buy low waisted pants, because most of the fat under my tummy is gone now!!!!  OH HAPPY DAY!!!

now, i’d like to say that my tummy is flat (wouldn’t that be wonderful?!) but it still needs some toning.  however, i have lost 22 pounds and am hoping to lose 6 more pounds by the end of this month.  after that, i plan to just maintain my weight and exercise….and LOTS of toning. apparently, the toning must be starting to work, because my maternity jeans (sz.small) are getting baggy on me…..again i say, OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!




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