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my little trooper….

March 11, 2010

last night,my sweet baby girl, gabrielle, tripped over a cord and fell right into the kitchen door frame.  she was on the floor crying and i figured it was just a bad bump……until i picked her up.  that’s when i noticed that the whole left side of her head (and hair) was soaked with blood.  at that point i knew it wasn’t good.

i was able to wipe it off and get the bleeding to stop (thankfully) but realized that though it wasn’t to deep of a gash, it was definitely to wide to leave alone.

off we went to the ER, my sweet kaitlin coming along to help keep gabrielle company and to dab her head should it start bleeding again, and savannah at home keeping everyone else under control. 

when we got to the ER, the kind dr. confirmed that she indeed needed stitched up.  so as to not make it to traumatic for gabrielle, they chose to use staples rather than stitches.  we were able to use a topical anisthesia rather than a shot, which made it much less painful for gabrielle.  as she lay on her side anticipating the staples, she didn’t even cry….as a matter of fact, the only crying she did all night, was when she first fell and whacked her head…that was it. 


the doctor quickly did 3 staples and was done…phew.  gabrielle didn’t even wince.  the doctor told her she was done and then brought in a huge assortment of stickers, at which point gabrielle informed him that she’d be happy to take the whole stack home, rather than just picking 2….that’s my curly girl.  🙂

the thing that stood out to me the most through this incident wasn’t just the way gabrielle handled it, but it was the way my other kids handled it.  as soon as Noah heard gabrielle hit the wall, he came running to help her.  he was devastated when he saw the gash in her head and just cried and cried, saying her name over and over.  my sweet savannah instantly went to comfort noah and matthew, while kaitlin jumped to attention and immediately ran to get me a washcloth.  the whole time i was wiping gabrielle up, kaitlin was speaking comforting words to her, assuring her that she’d be OK. 

there are days when i wonder if my kids even like each other, when all they seem to do is argue and pick at each other.  but it’s in moments like last night, when i see them all pull together to care for their hurting sister, that i thank God for giving them such a strong bond and love for each other.


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