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called to be faithful……

February 11, 2010

i am so thankful that the Lord doesn’t give us our children and then leave us to figure out this awesome task of parenting. 

i have been struggling in my parenting lately.  struggling with feeling very overwhelmed and feelng like i just can’t keep up with all of the training and correction that has become a major and necessary part of my everyday life right now.  i have often become so overwhelmed that i don’t even want to getout of bed in the morning, because i know what the day will hold, and quite frankly, i didn’t want to deal with it.

just as God, in his kindness, gave us his Word as a guide in our parenting, he also has given us wonderful and wise friends who speak Truth and encouragement into our lives.

greg and i had the distinct pleasure of double dating with a sweet couple last night who we greatly admire and respect.  out of love and care for us, they asked us where we are the most encouarged/discouraged right now.  i shared with them my current struggles in my parenting and we ended up spending the next several minutes discussing that.

after much discussion, our sweet friends helped me (greg too) to see the Hope that we have in our parenting and they helped us to see the importance in being faithful to the calling God has placed on our lives.

they helped me to see that even when i’m tired or busy, i have a duty to train and discipline my children.  they helped me to see that the training doesn’t have to “look” the same everyday or in every season, but that being faithful never changes…no matter what.

their encouraging words of wisdom were so helpful to me.  i left the restaurant filled w/hope and actually excited about the calling (privilege) God has given me and greg.

i realize that it’s only 6:30 in the morning and that i haven’t  been faced with the busyness and disobedience that awaits me in this day, BUT i am freshly and greatly aware that God is for me in my parenting and that He will give me the grace i need to be faithful…now i just need to remind myself of that througout my day.  🙂

Lord, thank you for the gift of my precious children.  thank you for trusting me with this awesome task of raising them and for not leaving us to do this alone.  give me the grace to “restore them gently” today and to remember to talk to you and trust you throughout my day.  thank you that though i’m not perfect, i am the perfect mommy for my kids and they are the perfect kids for me.



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