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his mercies are new every morning……

February 8, 2010

it’s 6:09 a.m. and i’ve alreay been up for an hour.  in that hour i have had the sweetest time of fellowship w/my sweet Lord.

i started something new today….a friend of mine has agreed to call me every morning at 5:15 (YES, that would be a.m.!!  🙂   ) so that i can get my lazy, tired bum out of bed and have some sweet fellowship w/the Lord.  she has been wanting this for herself as well, so my friend and i agreed to commit to holding each other accountable by calling each other.

i can’t believe how much easier it was to get up this morning, knowing that my friend would be calling soon.  i actually leaped (OK, so i didn’t actually leap) out of bed  as soon as the alarm went off rather than telling my hubby to hit snooze, and then repeating that process for an hour or more, which then results in me rushing through my quiet time so that i can be done before little ones start waking up.

there is something quite sweet about communing with the Lord while the house is still dark and QUIET, before i’ve even had the chance to sin for the first time that day. 

i was reading in Ephesians 1 this morning and i focused mainly on verses 4-5…..i was blown away by the realization that God CHOSE me…before i even knew anything about Him, he CHOSE me and predestined me for adoption through Jesus.  i’ve known this for quite some time, but after really meditating on those verses this morning, i was just hit with how truly amazing that Truth is.

i mean, he didn’t HAVE to choose me; he did it because of his great love for me.  when i think of the many times that i sin throughout my day, i am amazed that God would even want anything to do with me.  BUT he loves me and he CHOSE me.  WOW.  what a sweet Truth to be reminded of so early in the morning.

it reminds me of adoption… know, you actually CHOOSE which child you want to adopt and you love that child, even when they disobey or disrespect you.  that’s how God loves us….even more so, because he actually gave His Son as payment for our sins, so that we could be free from the bondage of sin.  there’s nothing that we can do to add to or to take away from the Truth of his amazing love for us or our standing with him.

i want to be more aware of His amazing love for me as i go through my day…i want to be reminded that i don’t have to spend my day wondering how i’m going to make it until nap time or how i’m going to correct this certain child for the hundredth time today w/o losing my mind…’s all possible because of him and the fact that my GREATEST need has already been met on the cross.

Lord, remind me often throughout my day of my need for a Savior….remind me that You have already met my greatest need and that you want to hear from me throughout me day….that you actually delight in me and will not withhold any good thing from me.  thank you for your Amazing Grace…how sweet the sound.



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