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a glimpse of grace…..

January 28, 2010

it’s been a hard parenting week for me.  it’s seemed as though aliens invaded my kids and replaced them with these people who were out to destroy each other.

quite frankly, it’s been exhausting. 

i am thankful, however, for the wonderful, godly friends who God has placed in my life….friends who speak Truth to me  and encourage me during these weeks when i feel like a total failure as a mom. 

friends who remind me that God has a purpose for my kid’s lives and that the constant training and discilpine WILL pay off.

i’ve always like the quote: you reap what you sow; you reap later than you sow; and you reap more than you sow.   i find that very encouraging…and true.  i see that now in my precious and delightful teenager; all those years paid off and now i admire her and hate the thought of her ever leaving home.  😦

today was a highlight for me.  i took my sweet older son with me today for my weekly allergy shots.  i have to sit for 2o minutes after my shots to make sure i don’t have a reaction, so i’ve decided to bring one child w/me each week, as a way to have alone time with them.  God was so kind to give me that idea, as i had been looking for ways to have one-on-one time w/ my middle ones. 

noah literally talked my ear off on the way to the dr. office, which doesn’t happen at home.  (it’s hard for him to get a word in at home having 3 sisters and all  🙂   )  we played tic tac toe the whole time we were in the waiting room and guess what?  it was a blast!!  he held my hand as we walked through the parking lot (another thing that doesn’t happen much at home) and he told me he loved me more than i can count.

there’s just something precious that happens when i get my kids alone one-on-one.  i see into their sweet hearts and i see a side of them that makes me want to melt. 

seeing that side of them makes me aware of how very very blessed i am to have these precious gems in my life….and it makes the hard days much more bearable.

thank you, Lord, for the glimpse of grace that you gave me today through my precious boy, Noah.

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