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January 18, 2010

Sometimes i feel like i’m in a “rut” and i just can’t seem to find my way out….ever been there?  here it is january, and we’re halfway through the school year, and all year i have been unahppy with the way things have been going in our school days.  i have sat down (numerous times) to plan out yet another new schedule, only to find that it’s not working either…..sigh…..i’ve been praying that the Lord would give me wisdom as to how to arrange our day in a way that would benefit our whole family, but wasn’t coming up with any solutions…..  😦

i decided to call a friend of mine today(who also home schools) to share w/her my frustrations and to see if she can offer me any input. as  she casually shared with me how their day looks on a typical school day i slowly felt the burden i was carrying just slip off of me.  it was like the light bulb came on and  i had one of those AH-HA!!! moments.  i realized as she talked that i had been trying to hard….i was trying to make things happen in a way that they didn’t have to happen…..i was spending hours trying to fix something that wasn’t a problem after all.  actually, the problem was that i wasn’t seeing how simple things could be if i would just let them.  ever been to the grocery store and you just can’t find that one item you really need, and then, as soon as you ask for help, you see that the item was right in front of your face?  well, that’s how it was for me after talking to my sweet friend today. 

i am so thankful to God that he would use a sweet friend to answer my prayer for wisdom.  it is always so humbling for me when i stop and realize that he cares about even the smallest things that concern us.  what a loving God i serve.  🙂


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