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Happy 2010!!!!!

January 12, 2010

This is my first official post for 2010……isn’t that exciting!!!!  i can’t tell you the number of times i have attempted to sit down and post, only to be called away to do something else!  so here i now sit, hot chocolate in front of me, with a few minutes to spare.

We had a wonderful Christmas and it literally flew by in a blur.  my sweet mom made it a very special Christmas by coming and staying w/us for a week…it was so hard seeing her go home at the end of her visit, but i am very thankful for the precious time we had together.  🙂

this Christmas was different than ones past…..greg and i realized that for the first time ever, all the kids decorated the tree this year…and we watched!!!!  it was so fun watching them work together to decorate the tree.  it was even more precious watching them come up w/ideas of gifts to give each other.  there are some days when i wonder if they will ever be friends and then we see them doing everything they can to come up with a gift for one another.  if they don’t have the money to buy a gift then they actually either make a gift OR they insist on giving away something they themselves cherish…it’s really very precious to witness.  then there’s the look of joy on the recipient’s face when they realize that their siblings sacrificed to make sure they had a gift to give.

New Year’s Eve was spent with our sweet friend’s, Bob and Angela, at their house.  we had a fun night playing “spoons”, which i had never played before…I LOVED IT!!!!!!  they all got a kick out of me because i would get excited and scream when i reached for a spoon.  it was a great way to bring in the new year.  🙂

the new year started off in a very special way…our dear friends, the dancas, kept all 5 of our kids for us so that greg and i could have a couple of days alone together before tax season starts this weekend.  rather than spend the $$ on a hotel, we chose to sleep at home in our own bed and we spent the days going shopping, eating lunch at one of our favorite mexican places, and chatting at 2 different coffee shops!!   it was a very sweet and special time for us and i am so thankful to the dancas for helping make it possible.

after spending 2 wonderful days w/my hubby, i really got to thinking about how truly blessed i am to be his wife.  he loves me unconditionally and ALWAYS puts me before himself. he values me as the mother of his children and admires me for my desire to be home with my kids.  he is my very best friend whom i can go to with anything and everything.  as i watch him with our kids, i am amazed at how blessed our kids are to have him as their daddy.  he has always been a very hands-on type of daddy and my kids know the joy of having a daddy who adores them.

he makes me laugh (even when i don’t want to) and holds me when i cry. as i’ve grieved over my dad these past couple of years, he has listened and even cried with me.  he loves being with me more than anybody else (he told me so!!) and he always considers my feelings over his own.

i say all of that because the Lord has laid it on my heart to appreciate my family more this year.  to look at my husband and kids and the unique way that God made each of them.  to realize that he made greg and i for each other and that He is for us in our marriage. to realize also that the Lord designed each of our kids just the way they are and that they are the perfect kids for our family.

while i don’t necessarily do new year’s resolutions, i do have some new goals for 2010…#1 on my list is to love my husband and kids more this year. 

to be continued……

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