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drummer boy……

December 9, 2009

~ Christmas has taken on a new meaning to me this year.  the Lord has really opened my eyes to the True meaning of Christmas.  Songs that i’ve listened to numerous times over the years are now rich with meaning and can even bring me to tears.  As I was listening to the popular song, Drummer Boy  the other day, I was struck by the all familiar words….the drummer boy is saying to the baby King, “I have no gift to bring”…he then goes on to say “I’ll play my drum for you”….all he had was his drums, yet he chose to use those drums to make beautiful music for the King.  As I pondered this for a while, it occurred to me that the drummer boy was totally humble before the King and he felt that he had nothing worthy to offer him….yet, he had the talent, the God-given talent of playing his drum for the King.  I can’t believe after all the years of listening to that song, that I am now awestruck by it. 

~ I often feel that I have nothing to bring before my Savior, yet I am now realizing that all He wants from me is my heart….He wants me to love him with all my heart, soul and mind.  and amazingly enough, the ability to love Him is a gift from Him.  I didn’t just decide to love him one day….He gave me the free gift of salvation and He opened my eyes to the Gospel.  He daily gives me undeserved grace and He lavishes me with goodness and mercy.  and all He wants from me is love……love that He has given me.  I am so unworthy of His amazing love and grace in my life, yet he sent his precious Son to die so that i could be free from sin and death.  Wow….I am in awe that He could love me so much and only ask for me to love Him in return.  Just as it was a privilege for the Drummer Boy in the song to play his drum for the King, it is a privilege for me to be able to love and serve the One who gave everything for me. 

~ As Christmas draws nearer, let us not forget to bring our gifts before the Lord…our gifts of praise, worship and adoration for the One Who gave us more than we could ever deserve.

~Merry Christmas

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