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my baby…….

December 8, 2009

I can hardly believe that our baby, Matthew Dean, is turning 3 tomorrow.  I totally remember bringing him home from the hospital like it was yesterday….except for the fact that he sleeps through the night now.   🙂  

As I think about our sweet baby boy, I am just in awe of God’s kindness in giving him to us.  You see, Matthew wasn’t “planned”, at least not in our minds……BUT, He was definitely a huge part of God’s plan for our family, for which I am very thankful.  He brings such an element of joy to our family, not to mention that he keeps all of us on our toes!  He is our “wild boy” as I affectionately call him…..he goes from room to room, task to task, literally leaving a whirlwind effect behind him.  I am so thankful that I have 3 olders ones to chase him for me!  🙂

I’ve noticed lately that my sweet boy has been entering the 3 phase……with most of my kids, we didn’t deal with “terrible 2’s”, we dealt with the “threatening 3’s”!  My sweet boy has decided that he wants to do what HE wants to do, when HE wants to do it, and BEWARE to anybody who tries to stop him….even mommy :(….sigh….   So, my sweet matthew has been in need of lot’s of training and correction lately, which I have seen as both tiresome and frustrating.  There are days when I have not wanted to be consistent with him, when I haven’t wanted to “remind” him to obey mommy….when I’ve basically wanted MY way, which would be EASE…uuugghhhh, I LOVE ease way to much!!!

As I’ve been praying for matthew lately, God has been showing me that my sweet boy isn’t here to make my life easy; in fact, he’s not here for any reason other than to bring glory to God…and I play a huge part in that (Greg and I both do).  you see, God is showing me that my sweet son needs my love, training, and correction and that i have a responsibility to give him those things….even when i don’t feel like it.  God is helping me to see that when i take the time to train and correct my son, I am, in fact, saving him from his sins……he needs to be rescued from his sins and shown the right way to go.  God has lovingly convicted me that training my kids isn’t about me, it’s about Him.  it’s about the One who took on flesh and came to this earth and lived a sinless life and then died a horrible death…for me, for matthew, for all of us.  He has shown me that when I neglect to train and correct my kids, i am neglecting to teach them of God’s love and that we serve a Holy God who cannot tolerate our sin.  God has helped me to see that I am sinning against him when I fail to obey His command to train my children in the fear and instruction of the Lord.  He has helped me to see that the training and correction is an expression of both my love for my kids and my love for God.  Romans 15:1 says, “we who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves.”  I am trying to refer back to this verse throughout my day, as a reminder that my day isn’t about ME, it’s about Him…..and one of the greatest ways i can serve Him is by selflessly serving my family.


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